Every business needs Shiny people to drive growth.

We work with leaders to unlock the brilliance of their workforce by tackling the everyday barriers and bias that stifle human innovation and diversity. We look at things like the DNA of your company, the attitudes of your managers, how you share information across the business and how you use work places and spaces.

We do this because we know different is great for business.

We work with all sizes and types of organisation, building inclusive environments so everyone can belong, thrive and work together to achieve results.

We believe in harnessing your strengths rather than looking for weakness.

Shiny is about embedding different in your business to drive growth. That difference comes in a whole heap of ways most people don’t even think about.

Take introverts.  We know they tend to be highly creative people; they’re also great listeners who think before they speak.  Yet on balance we still hire and promote on the basis that the loud person in the room is the clever one.

Ultimately our job is to help you put a lens of difference over workplace decision-making, so you don’t overlook the smart thinker in the corner.

Here are the top 3 ways we can help your business:

  • engage your leaders in inclusion, making it relevant to them

  • show you where and how to tap into more diverse talent

  • build cultural change programmes so difference can thrive